About Stephen Ward

From the age of 18, Stephen exhibited an extraordinary ability: when family and friends asked him to place his hands on areas where they felt pain, the pain would inexplicably vanish. However, he did not grasp the significance of this gift until he turned 33.

At that pivotal age, Stephen began exploring the spirit world. He participated in mediumship circles and attended spirit events, connecting with like-minded individuals. These encounters inspired him to seek out classes across the country, where he refined his abilities and gained a deeper understanding of his purpose and what was achievable using his gift.

In 2014, Stephen studied Reiki healing and passed his first exam. He then immersed himself in learning about the Etheric Field and other types of healing. Even a decade later, he continues to expand and master his skills.

Stephen eventually realised his purpose on this planet: to perform essential healing work. Embracing this mission wholeheartedly, he committed himself to helping others.

Over the past twenty years Stephen has worked with hundreds of people with various health issues, including cancer, trapped nerves, shoulder injuries, back problems, and emotional and mental challenges, all gaining marvellous results.

Specialising in bio energy healing and reiki healing, Stephen Ward is a healer who has achieved incredible results with his patients.

Stephen's Transformative Experience

He visited many spiritual mediums and clairvoyants who strongly informed him that he was destined to engage in spiritual healing work using his ‘healing hands’.

He now works with a large team of 8 Tibetan monks, surgeons, specialist doctors and healers from the spirit realms, using his ‘healing hands’ to help others.