Reiki Healing

Through practices like chakra balancing this helps restore the body's inherent healing capacity. Realising blockages and re-tuning your invisible life force, inherent within us, which poses a challenge to our belief systems for those new to this age-old practice.

Interestingly, you needn't wait until illness strikes to seek healing.

Having Reiki proactively, even when you're only feeling mildly fatigued or depleted, is arguably the wisest approach. Why allow energy blockages to escalate into physical or emotional distress when pre-emptive treatment can avert more severe health issues? Think of it as routine maintenance for your body, akin to servicing a car regularly to prevent major mechanical breakdowns.

Neglecting your body's signals of fatigue and stress only invites eventual breakdowns, making recovery even more challenging.

I offer Crystal Reiki to remove negative emotions and energies that are holding you back and sending powerful boost to your Biofield. This is normally felt instantaneous after the treatment.

Psychic Surgery

This is performed in person with the person laying on the treatment bed fully clothed, it is a non-invasive action with my hands either hovering above your body or gently laying on it. The surgery takes place on the etheric, or energy body of the patient. My spirit doctors show me where to lay my hands and then carry out removing lumps or mending body parts the client is having issues with.

The client and I can often feel the shrinking of lumps or trapped nerves being released while this procedure is being performed.

After the removal or any untoward ailments or rebalance of your chakras, I will give a shot of Golden Biofield Reiki energy to help your recovery.


Distant Healing

Using the ethers, I will sit in my healing room under my copper pyramid, surrounded with my crystals, while you are relaxing at home. From here I will tune in to your body, scan it using the white etheric universal light energy and then look for the problem you have and then use the golden etheric energy light to cleanse and attend to your ailments.

I will then WhatsApp or email you a full report of what I find and how I fixed your ‘etheric body’. This will be either instant to your physical body or it can take up to 5 days to fully align to your physical being.

This type of Healing allows energy to be created in my practice and then sent through the ethers, it is like what is created in my clinic.

Distant healings are perfect for those that cannot visit in person, it also gives you the confidence my healing gift works in case you want to visit in person later down the line. Knowing the journey will be worth it.

Attunement for Pre Pregnancy

Finding it difficult to conceive? Stephen has assisted women in achieving pregnancy, even after they had lost hope. Through his unique abilities, he has delivered remarkable outcomes for certain women that learnt about his gift, who had previously struggled to conceive.

Many of these women, who had been trying for 18 months or more without success, found themselves pregnant within just 4 months of visiting his practice. Today, they are enjoying the joy of having beautiful, healthy babies or toddlers.